Concept Building Services laying down the foundations to future British Skiing success


Concept Building Services are sponsoring Candice Bomberg, a junior British Skier with true podium potential. 

Pre-Pandemic, Candice was both the French and British Under 14 Ski Slalom Champion and she finished an impressive 4th on her youth international debut.

Born and raised in the French Alps, Candice was skiing as soon as she could stand and descending Black runs by the age of four.  She progressed impressively through the highly competitive French racing system by winning regional races and was a French and British junior Champion.  She has been ear marked as an athlete of exceptional talent and with her British Citizenship a true potential to compete at the very highest levels of the blue-ribbon skiing events for Great Britain.

Concept’s sponsorship will help to fund Candice who is now 16 at her Elite International Training Academy in the French Alps, that has been developed by Sir Clive Woodward.

APEX2100 is located in the perfect training location of Tignes, France and has some of the best young skiing talent from around the world with currently 60 Athletes from 23 Nations. 

The academy boasts some of the best ski training facilities known and a notable recent appointment as Candice’s Head Coach is Sasha Rearick, who joined APEX after 19 years as the most successful US Ski Team Trainer ever.

Concept’s backing of Candice will support a young British female athlete to achieve her sporting potential. 

Candice’s goals and ambitions are to work her way up the world senior rankings, eyeing World Junior Championships in 2023, Youth Olympics in 2024, Europa and World Cup Skiing Events and aiming for the 2026 Winter Olympic games in Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy when she will be only 20. 

From Concept to completion, this backing of Candice will provide the supporting infrastructure and financial resilience for a full scale build on her skiing dreams.

Please visit Candice’s Instagram for more information and further updates

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500 Cups of Tea, 1200 Sandwiches, 1200 Cups of Soup, 1200 Hot Meals!!!


Feeding 1200 people in a month is quite normal for the charity ‘Hope for Food’, based in the Bournemouth area of Dorset, and Concept Building Services (Southern) Limited, working closely with an FM manager from Mitre, were only too pleased to lend their support to this South Coast based Charity when the opportunity arose.

The operation, run and managed by a small committee who act as trustees, is 100% made up of volunteers who between them give over 7,000 hours a year cooking and serving food in the soup kitchens, which they run five evenings a week. As with all charities, ‘Hope for Food’ relies heavily on the support of the local community and is always looking to build strong links with surrounding businesses. In the same breath, Concept have regularly been one of those companies to step up to the plate when approached and so, when we were able to assist with an internal structural request, it was a simple positive reply. 

Of course, although some of our Fabric, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers might profess to be more than capable cooks we felt their skill sets might be more applicable to the charity’s needs by helping them move into a new distribution centre at West Howe Industrial Estate. Concept staff dismantled all the racking, primarily used for storage at the old base, and re-instated it in their new premises at Unit 13, in such fashion, that it offered a seamless transition for the soup kitchen operation.  ‘Hope for Food’ continues to be busy supporting the homeless, disadvantaged people and families in poverty in the Bournemouth area. Their recipients can be male, female, young and old, but usually they are just poor, vulnerable individuals who are hungry. For us at Concept, it was just a pleasure to assist in this small manner to help maintain the smooth running of their invaluable services.

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2021 Challenges – 100 Miles Plus – The Winner!


The results are in, the mileage checked and a clear winner has emerged after the expected burst of effort during the end of month Bank Holiday weekend. Just to remind everyone, the challenge was to see who could walk the most miles over 100 miles in the calendar month of May. A financial incentive for the winner was the added carrot.

With one week to go Tracy Stedman from Accounts was a clear leader but an amazing surge over the last few days by Tom Bond, also from the accounts team, saw him achieve an incredible total of 321.71 miles walked in the thirty one days of May. A remarkable average of 10.38 miles per day. Tracy ended up in a clear second place with an equally outstanding 294.92 miles completed while Alisdair Kelly, our Security Manager, trundled in third with an admirable 142.81 miles completed.

Congratulations to everyone who took part.

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Concept’s 2021 Challenges


After months of lockdown and an inevitable air of uncertainty as to what the summer months will bring this year, the Directors at Concept have set a couple of friendly challenges for all those who are interested within the company. They say friendly because the advantages of these types of events enhances team building and at the same time stimulates individuals to get out and about after months of restrictions and that can be great for morale….……..but, we all know that life isn’t quite that clear cut. Where there is a challenge, there is competition, and where there is competition, there will be a winner!

Dan Small, the Assistant Managing Director, has set the 5K running challenge while Gill Alexander the Financial Director has set the 100 mile walking challenge.

At first, both could be viewed with either an element of skepticism or apprehension. 5K run, easy, I could jog that? 100-mile walk, that’s a long way and imagine the blisters after that distance! So, two interesting sets of parameters were stipulated.

Saturday 1st May – Monday 31st May – using the ‘Map my Walk’ App on their phones. Whoever achieves the highest mileage above 100 miles for the month will receive £100 from the Company and £100 for the winner’s charity of choice. Ten members of the Accounts and Administration teams have phones charged, walking boots and backpacks stocked and Elastoplast’s at the ready. Being a Bank Holiday weekend, both at the start and the finish of the challenge, inevitably there will be a surge of effort at both ends by the competitors; but will the consistent steady walkers win the day? Tuesday 1st June will see the outcome.     

Sunday August 1st – Brighton Marina. A flat 5K from the Marina to Brighton Pier and back again. The winner is who can get the closest to completing the course in under 20 minutes! Yes, who could run sub 4 minutes a kilometer for five of them. Fourteen guys are currently in training and there certainly seems to be an element of sand bagging on times in some quarters already. Watch for the results later this year!

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