Who we are – what we do – how we do it

About Us

Established in 2003, we are a rapidly growing Building Services company with a wide range of capabilities. Our offices are located in London, West Sussex, Hampshire, West Yorkshire, Worcestershire and Devon.

We manage the delivery of a wide range of infrastructure solutions Europewide, from simple pipe repair to full-scale building construction.

We carry a £20 million Public Liability insurance. Insurance at this level permits us to work on local authority sites and Ministry of Defence estates as well as to erect scaffolding in public thoroughfares. It is another demonstration of our commitment to safe working practices in all areas, especially to those that the public have access.


Our Vision

To safely construct projects for the benefit of our valued clients, underpinned by our core values and excellent delivery.

Our Strategy

  • Operate a safe sustainable business
  • Accelerate growth to be a key provider in our chosen markets
  • Achieve top performance and efficiency
  • Provide sector-leading customer experience
  • Attract and retain highly motivated, high performing people & teams
  • Embrace innovation and technology across the business
Empowering our team to meet your project goals!

The Concept Ethos

The following core values are reflected in our culture and our behaviours. They are fundamental and underpin the way we work at Concept:


We collaborate together as colleagues, with our clients, with our supply chain and our peers because we make the best steps forward in everything from safety to innovation when we work together.


by the team and committed to delivering your project without compromise.


Being forward thinking can be as advanced as driving through a major leap in practice with a new innovation through to day to day advances with creative problem solving.


With whatever we do, it’s done with pride, passion and drive to work towards a really successful outcome together.


This makes a great team and our open approach to engagement at all levels ensures we build lasting relationships with clients, suppliers and staff.


As an organisation in tune with our clients, we will adapt our work to suit your evolving needs.