The results are in, the mileage checked and a clear winner has emerged after the expected burst of effort during the end of month Bank Holiday weekend. Just to remind everyone, the challenge was to see who could walk the most miles over 100 miles in the calendar month of May. A financial incentive for the winner was the added carrot.

With one week to go Tracy Stedman from Accounts was a clear leader but an amazing surge over the last few days by Tom Bond, also from the accounts team, saw him achieve an incredible total of 321.71 miles walked in the thirty one days of May. A remarkable average of 10.38 miles per day. Tracy ended up in a clear second place with an equally outstanding 294.92 miles completed while Alisdair Kelly, our Security Manager, trundled in third with an admirable 142.81 miles completed.

Congratulations to everyone who took part.

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