Tunbridge Wells Hospital was a large, general hospital near Tunbridge Wells. When it was demolished, a memorial stone was removed, and we were tasked with its relocation to the local chapel.

  • Client: NHS Trust
  • Construction Year: 2013
  • Location: Kent, United Kingdom
  • Duration: 3 Weeks
  • Sector: Health

We were commissioned to install a memorial stone directly into the ground outside the chapel entrance. The memorial stone had been salvaged from the old Tunbridge Wells Hospital, prior to it being demolished.

First, we excavated the ground to the correct levels and then laid a type 1 base, coping stone edgings were installed and the memorial stone was laid. The memorial surround was finished with decorative stones and new turf was laid around the surrounding area.

We also designed and installed a footpath with steps into the existing grass bank. We laid edging stones and a type 1 base. The footpath itself was created using paving slabs. A structural engineer was commissioned to produce calculations and drawings for the steps. These were constructed with concrete restraining walls and then a concrete block and paving slab finish. A stainless steel handrail was installed to both sides of the footpath.

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