Roofing Works – Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth.

  • Client: Engie
  • Construction Year: 2021
  • Location: Portsmouth, Hampshire
  • Duration: 12 Weeks
  • Sector: Government and Local Authorities

Although there has been a functional hospital in Portsmouth since 1908 it is only really in the last twenty years or so, after various expansion programs, that the Queen Alexandra Hospital, as we see it today, was rebuilt and relaunched. However, even in that short time, the elevated location in a coastal environment exposes the structures to all manner of weather extremes resulting in the need for a regular maintenance program.

The Portsmouth division of Concept Building Services (Southern) Limited successfully refurbished a large section of the roof on the East Wing Block. The project involved carefully stripping off the existing concrete slabs and insulation, with the intention of re-using as much as was feasible, building a new parapet box to allow for a new depth of insulation and overlaying the existing felt roof with a new membrane.

Scaffolding was erected to the South and East elevations of the wing with a Haki staircase and material hoist for access. The same set-up was also required on the North and East elevations of the inner courtyard of the building. This allowed the removal of the bird netting and key clamp handrail to allow clean access to specific items like the lightning conductor tape which had to be removed because of the construction of the new parapet box, before being replaced. In addition, all the existing roof services had to be lifted to allow for this new depth of insulation before replacing all key elements as if new. The whole project only took twelve weeks from start to completion.

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